Mobile as the main ingredient of the marketing strategy restaurants

Smart phones have become an essential tool for finding information, especially in the local environment tool. Which makes them a basic ingredient when planning effective marketing strategy for local establishments; as is the case of restaurants.

The study published in early 2013 by Constant Contact indicated that 92% of respondents had sought a restaurant online with their mobile in the last 6 months. 3 out of 4 customers choose a restaurant based on the proposals found via mobile, while 80% want appreciates being able to see the menu online before you decide to eat at him. On the other hand, 64% of consumers need to know the exact location of the property. To which, 49% directly looks up the address, while one of every 3 rather find the phone number.

Mobile as the main ingredient of the marketing strategy restaurantsOne of the values fundamentals smartphones for restaurants is that they provide information to users when they are away from home, just when they need the service; hence they are capable of recording a high conversion rate. According Telmetrics published in November, 1 in 3 conversions recorded from a mobile search occur in the same time that the search was conducted; while the rest take place on the same day.

The new data from Constant Contact in collaboration with Single Platform show that online visits recorded by mobile devices are of considerable length (4.41 “), very similar to that recorded in the desktop version (4.56”) , showing a real interest in learning about the services and features of the property.

Therefore, those more content sites, both in quantity and quality are the ones with the highest conversion rate. The images of dishes and drinks manage to increase the CTR between 10% and 30%, while offering the possibility of formalizing the online booking attracts up to 74% more conversions and display information on accessibility to the establishment translates into 101% more than answers. Also, we should not omit the prices of the dishes, because it is really useful for the customer, which generates confidence information and arouses interest in learning more about the establishment. The study found a directly proportional increase between page views of a site and the number of times that the price displayed in the menus.

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