Are brands overcoming challenges posed by the mobile revolution?

Mobile devices are integrated seamlessly into the lifestyle of consumers of half the world, but it seems that the websites of retail brands can not keep up. Mobile user expectations are already high; They expect brands to be able to offer a seamless and easy experience and those companies that fail to live up to suffer the consequences.

Of the 100 large multichannel retailers analyzed by The Search Agency to check the status of the sector in the mobile field, only one had a responsive web design. Most, 91 of them specific pages designed for mobile devices and there are 8 serving the same version as on desktop.

Woman using her Mobile Phone in the street, night light environmThe study analyzed the situation in which the mobile is among the most important US multichannel retailers. To do so rated by up to five points seven factors that influence the mobile presence of brands and affecting their position on the search results page and / or digital user experience.

The average score given the approved with a 3.17 out of 5. Although none of the brands achieved outstanding in the seven factors were taken into account: download time, page format, the locator stocks, site search box, your social presence, applications and button click-to-call.

Although Google recommends that speeds page load on mobile do not exceed the second, only 16 of the 100 large companies surveyed by The Search Agency reached that goal. The average is 3.62 seconds.

Page clothing chain REI was the best rated, with a time of less than one second download and perform better than average in regards to inventory locator and search box on their site.

The results vary greatly depending on the type of store. Pharmacies (US talk) get the best score among retailers with 3.95 average, followed closely by the automotive sector, hardware supplies and office supplies. At the end of the list are the jewelers who have obtained the worst score, 1.89, well below the average.

The report also underlines that most retailers have a search system within your mobile page to more easily locate items, except for some clothing stores, jewelry or pharmacies. All retailers of automotive parts, cosmetics and sports have links to their social profiles on their mobile pages with less involvement in this section in the sectors of household goods, office supplies and technology.

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