Some of the Biggest Banks in the World

If you’re looking for a new bank account to open, you might be interested to learn more about some of the world’s largest banks. China’s Industrial and Commercial Bank (ICBC) controls over $2.61 trillion in assets, and was founded in 1912. While no longer 100% government-owned, it is the largest shareholder of the People’s Republic of China. Its New York branch is the second largest in the country, and it has many branches across the globe.

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China and Japan comprise some of the largest banks in the world. The top 100 includes 20 Chinese banks, ten US banks, six French banks, nine Japanese banks, and nine German banks. Brazil, South Korea, and Canada each have five banks in the top 100. Other countries with numerous large banks include Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands. The United States ranks No. 1 in the world in total assets. Find out how these banks carry out AML IDENTITY VERIFICATION by visiting w2

France is home to the largest financial institution, the Credit Agricole Group. Its total assets exceed $2.25 trillion and it serves customers in 51 countries. JPMorgan Chase, another financial giant, has operations in 64 countries, and has over 40 million customers around the world. It provides financial services for both small businesses and multinationals.

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The Abacus has been in business for a century and is now the second largest bank in the world. It has over $2.44 trillion in assets and has branches in 37 countries. This is an amazing accomplishment for any institution. It is not hard to see why China is the home of some of the world’s largest banks.


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