Your countdown to moving day

You have decided to move home and are looking forward to settling in your property. Now you need to focus on moving day and all the plans and preparations that you need to put in place. Here is our handy countdown to moving day checklist.

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Two months before moving day

  • Make sure to book off moving day and some of the days around this so that you can move in peace without having to worry about rushing back to work.
  • Give your home a final declutter for any items that you no longer need or use and recycle these or take them to the tip.
  • If you need self-storage for any items make sure you get it organised.
  • Book your House Removals Essex company ready for the big day.

6 weeks before moving day

  • Get your new home insurance policy in place from moving day and you may even want to have this in place from exchange of contracts. Your solicitor will be able to give you more advice on this.
  • Make sure you have ordered all the packing boxes and other materials that you are going to need.

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4 weeks before moving day

  • Switch over all of your utilities to the new house and set a reminder to take final and new meter readings at each property on moving day.
  • Make sure your boxes are clearly labelled with which room they are to be placed in.

1 week before

  • Arrange for mail redirection to take place
  • Make a list of all the items you will need for the first night in your new home and pack these in a separate box that is to travel with you in your car on moving day.
  • Find a good local take away where you can get food after moving in.

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