The Romans and marble

As they became more and more powerful, the Romans sought ways to make their towns and cities look even more impressive. The public buildings, like the senate, the forum and the coliseum, all needed to make an impact. The sheer size of the buildings, built purely with block and tackle and human strength, was already brilliant in their scope. Conquered Celts and Germanic tribes were brought to marvel at the spectacle before them. The sight of Rome must have humbled them compared to their wooden halls and roundhouses.

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As it is a Mediterranean country, using Marble Tiles was the best way to keep their villas and apartments cool in the summer heat. It is something that we still look at using today, albeit now they are provided by companies like Marble is a naturally excellent rock substance, plus it looks amazingly decorative. It can be shined and smoothed to give the perfect finish.

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The Romans soon decided to use marble rock to construct the building themselves. The many uses of the stone included the construction of columns. We still refer to this as the classical style. As with most achievements of the Romans, the Greeks got there first. They also heavily used marble for building and, most importantly, artistic projects. The Romans, too, realised that they could use marble for art. It soon became their primary medium when creating commemorative statues to celebrate victories.

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