42% of users considered irrelevant advertising messages they receive on their mobile

Marketing through mobile devices, present in our day to day users and considered by many companies as one of its most effective tools to retain and attract customers. Or maybe not?

According to the latest report by the specialist Oxygen8 Group, nearly half of consumers surveyed (42%) stated that none of promotional or advertising messages they receive on their phones are useful. While 44% for only a quarter of these commercial messages had some value.

42% of users considered irrelevant advertising messages they receive on their mobileThis fact is surprising, considering the force that the mobile phone has to put in direct contact with the company public. According to Maria Grant, Head of Product Development at Oxygen8 Group, he says “companies have to rethink their mobile marketing strategies, trying to identify the needs of each client and find the appropriate channel to reflect the habits and preferences of these consumers. Only they can actually communicate with them when they deliver the right content at the right time. “

This conclusion is shared by 34% of respondents who stated that the right message would make them feel understood by the brand. In addition, 22% said they were inclined to make a purchase if they considered that the message received was useful.

But what kind of messages are considered truly useful for consumers? 54% discount favors coupons, while 46% prefer to know the products that can be purchased in store.

And it is that in the case of marketing can not forget that, as detailed Grant, “the huge amount of data about customers and all the tools available for analysis make it possible to design mobile marketing strategies suited to their preferences. Therefore, companies must take this report as a warning to inventir in all possible instruments to give real value to their advertising strategies. “

However, “the classics never die” and a good example is the report of the consultant xplusone where users said that email remains by far the channel more accurate and effective marketing.

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