Where to go?

Deciding you want to go on holiday is the easy part, deciding where to go gets a little more tricky. There are so many wonderful countries and cities and if you love travel then you’re going to have a tough time narrowing it down. Your budget and time available will narrow this list down a little but with a whole industry dedicated to offering you the best travel experience, how are you going to pick?

Firstly, narrow down what sort of an experience you want to have, for example:

  • City, beach or countryside?
  • Relaxation or adventure?
  • Budget or splurge?
  • Off the beaten track or known and loved?
  • Family or Friends?
  • Independent or package?
  • Hot or cold?

Once you’ve decided on one of the above or a combination then you can start thinking about a destination. Spend plenty of time searching the internet and get a bit creative. If you’re destination is very expensive to fly to then what about a flight into a nearby city and then a shuttle bus for example. Don’t just assume that you have sign up to the first deal you see as there could always be an alternative route.

If your chosen location is prohibitively expensive to stay in then consider the underdog. Most countries will have a second city which has much to offer but often gets overlooked. It will undoubtedly be cheaper to book accommodation there and you can still travel to the city you originally wanted to visit. This is where it pays to be open-minded. If you find a place that you’ve never heard of, then google it, and if it’s safe then it might be a great place to stay at cheaper prices and you can often have some great adventures in places you least expected.

Think about staying in accommodation you might not have experienced before and don’t let your budget restrict you. Even the most expensive places will have budget options, free city tours and public transport. Try a Bed & Breakfast instead of a hotel and you might find a much more welcoming, homely stay with owners who have fantastic local knowledge. For a Luxury B&B Northern Ireland, visit www.ashbrook-house.co.uk.

Where to go

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Don’t think you have to spend a fortune and fly to far corners of the Earth to have an experience. Some real gems can found right on your doorstep. You could have a wonderful adventure in a yurt just ten miles away so keep an open mind. Taking a road trip around the United Kingdom is unique and you could learn so much about places in your own country that you never knew before. Sometimes the things you find incredible are within reaching distance so don’t think you must jump on a plane.

Going on holiday does cost you your hard earned money but don’t think it has to be super flash or new and edgy. Your happiness is what you’re buying into and just because a safe decision is made, it doesn’t make it a bad one. If you know that you love an all-inclusive beach vacation or a week in a caravan in the South of France then that’s ok. Better you enjoy something your comfortable with than spend a fortune and be miserable.

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