Best kitchen flooring choices for you

Choosing the right flooring for your kitchen is dependent on many factors. Here is a look at a few things to consider.

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A report in Kitchen Link indicates that 12 per cent of Brits cite the kitchen as the room in which the majority of family time is spent. As a central hub of activity in the house, your flooring choice needs to be something that is durable and easy to maintain while also complementing your existing style and decor. With so many flooring choices on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for you. It will be very important to know what kitchen design you want if your installing a new kitchen alongside the new flooring. For a company that can create a bespoke kitchen package for you why not search possible options including a Kitchens Doncaster company at links such as

Here are a few popular options for kitchen flooring.

Ceramic tiling

Tiling is a popular choice in kitchens because of its hygienic and easy-to-clean nature. Food spillages and muddy footprints can be quickly removed in mere seconds from ceramic tiling, which is also a more cost-effective option than porcelain tiling. Even though ceramic tiles can be cold underfoot, they are compatible with underfloor heating.


Cork is an increasingly popular choice in kitchens, particularly for homeowners who are mindful of reducing their carbon footprint. Crafted from completely renewable bark, this substance is as ethical as it is effective. The appearance of cork might be an acquired taste, but its benefits are undeniable. Bouncy, warm and full of naturally antibacterial properties, cork is also a sound-resistant substance that will greatly reduce the noise of stamping feet or clattering pet claws.

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Laminate continues to top the charts in flooring popularity. It is cost-effective, easy to maintain and moisture-resistant, making it a great option for kitchens. It is also available in a number of styles and effects such as oak laminate flooring and even laminate that replicates the look of tiles, stone or slate, making it a welcome addition to many interiors.


Stone flooring such as granite and slate can be a great option for those who really want to add the “wow” factor to their kitchen. Stone floors tend to be synonymous with the timeless charm of a rustic, farmhouse kitchen. It can be surprisingly warm and easy to maintain, but its unforgiving nature means that it can be harsh on your feet if you spend too much time standing on it, and any dropped crockery is unlikely to survive the fall.

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