Critical moments that prevent us from achieving the ideal weight

Surely on more than one occasion we have wondered why our weight gain or the inability to lower it if we do not eat badly and we do sports. It is not that we are unfortunate people or anything like that, but that we are surely making mistakes that we do not take into account and in which we do not repair. Usually there are times when we do not take into account what we put into our mouths, and for this reason in this post we want to review the most critical moments that prevent us from achieving our ideal weight.

As we have said, most of us try to take care of their food by respecting the hours of the meals, following an order in the food we consume … But sometimes, and in many cases too often, some events occur in which we stop That care and we put any type of food in our mouths. These moments do not usually take into account, but our body does not differentiate and therefore we can not evolve as far as weight is concerned.

Alert when we come out of reeds

One of the moments in which we do not notice this is when we decided to go out for a drink after work, for example. This activity, which a priori is so normal, can be a brake on weight control. The drinks, a topic that we will deal with later, are also protagonists, but what we take for granted are the tapas we usually eat. In general, it is usually fried foods such as potatoes, nuts …

These foods contain high amounts of fat and calories that our body processes and stores in the form of fat. To this we must add fatty foods such as chorizo, butifarra … that include us in certain places. Decanting for tapas such as pickles or olives is a better alternative, although in most cases they contain sugars in their preparation.

Eating in restaurants can be a problem

Restaurant meals can be another brake on weight control. Many people eat daily outside their home and do so in places where the food is of dubious quality. Keep in mind that the preparation of food is done on a large scale, which does not take care of the quality or quantity of the oil used in its preparation. To this we must add the seasonings that are used when preparing these dishes. In addition, most of the menus contain dessert that we almost never refuse and that adds to the total of the food some extra calories that will not help us to keep our weight at bay.

The most advisable in these cases is to resort to the preparation of our menu at home and take it to the office in a tupper. If we have no choice but to eat out, it is best to order a la carte, as the dish will prepare us and we can control the ingredients included. If we also replace the dessert with an infusion, we will be contributing to decrease the total calories that we put in our mouths.

Watch TV at home

Another moment of inflection in what the weight refers is when we watch TV at home and prepare some snacks to accompany. This gesture that seems so simple and that is repeated week after week with the soccer game on duty, with the program that we like … carries more behind than a mere moment of leisure. The problem is that at this moment we do not repair what we put into our mouths, because we are watching what we are seeing.

The fried ones like the potatoes, the nuts, the alcohol … usually they are the protagonists in these moments. Therefore it is necessary that we are aware of this and that we have control over what we are going to eat at that moment. To do this, we recommend you to select the appetizers beforehand and the quantities to avoid eating without control while we are in front of the television.

Getting out of gear is more dangerous for the weight than we think

The night outings with friends are another time when we usually let our guard down. In this aspect is not about the food itself, but the problem is in the drink. This is a point where nobody usually repairs, but it is necessary to do so, since drinking, and specifically alcohol, can have more calories than any food. The problem with alcohol is that the calories it gives us are completely empty, that is, lacking nutrients because they come from sugars.

The alcohol in the body is processed through the liver and kidneys, it is converted into acetate and it is consumed by the body to generate energy. This acetate covers our energy needs, avoiding the consumption of glucose reserves and fat reserves that we have in the body. This causes the natural fat burning process to be interrupted. Therefore alcohol is a direct enemy against weight control and you should not lower your guard with it.

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