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We all live such hectic, fast-paced lives but for the sake of our stress levels and metal health, it’s crucial that we reserve time for doing something we enjoy. Taking time out to relax and engaging in activities that can reduce our anxiety levels is very important and if you’re struggling to think of a hobby then here are a few ideas for activities proven to lower stress levels:

  • Yoga

It might seem like an obvious suggestion but it really does work wonders for de-stressing. While helping to keep your body agile through a mix of strength and flexibility training, it also concentrates on your breathing and getting you to re-connect with how your body feels. Yoga can also help with depression and is the ideal mind and body pursuit.

  • Reading

There is nothing quite like immersing yourself in a good book. Studies have also shown that reading for just a few minutes can decrease stress levels by more than a half. Heart rates slow down and muscle tension eases as you take your mind to alternate realities. If you haven’t picked up a book for a while, then dust off that old copy or join your local library.

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  • Sewing and Knitting

It is thought that the repetitive motion involved in sewing and knitting has a meditative quality. It allows you to live in the moment, distracting you from daily worries and also provides the satisfaction of having created something unique. Having a project and seeing it through to completion will increase self-confidence too. Taking up this hobby will greatly benefit both mental and physical signs of stress. For Dress Fabric Online, visit http://www.quality-fabrics.co.uk/

  • Gardening

Engaging in a spot of gardening can noticeably improve mood and lower levels of the stress hormone, cortisone. Like sewing, it encourages you to focus on the present moment and also gets you outside in the fresh air. Appreciating nature and nurturing the life in your garden is immensely satisfying and offers good, gentle physical exercise.

  • Walking

Getting out into the great outdoors is brilliant exercise and perfect for blowing those cobwebs from your brain too. It doesn’t matter whether you go for a walk around your neighbourhood or venture out into the wilderness, aerobic exercise is known to help reduce stress. A walk-through nature has been proven to lessen the effects of negative thoughts so it really does pay to re-connect with nature.

  • Dancing

Attending a regular dance class has wonderful benefits for both mental and physical health. Dance is great for relieving tension and lowering stress levels. When you exercise, even lightly, your body releases endorphins which are the natural ‘feel good’ chemicals. Dance is also a great way to meet people, connect with others and enables people to express emotion and creativity in a healthy way.

  • Baking

Like some of the other activities mentioned, baking requires you to focus on the present, taking your mind off stresses and concerns. There is huge satisfaction to be had from achieving tasty goodies and you’ll get to enjoy the results too!

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