In this database you can see and download all the icons that have been changed in Windows 10

Windows 10 has undoubtedly been one of the versions of the operating system of the windows that has paid more attention in terms of design. This is not only seen in how the interface has improved significantly after the disaster that were the first days of Windows 8, but how they constantly change details here and there, and how they plan to continue doing so with Project Neon.

Some of those details that change all the time are the icons. You may not have noticed it since there are so many, but since Windows 10 exists, 2731 changes have been tracked through 1514 icons in 66 different builds of the system so far. And, you can find them all in The Windows 10 database icons.

This database is an independent website and is not related to Microsoft. It is maintained by Bavo Luysterborg, a developer and systems administrator from Belgium who founded the website in early 2015, and since then has released two versions.

The Windows 10 Icon Database tracks all the icons used in Windows 10 and lists the changes every time a new beta version for the Insiders sees the light of day. It is surprising the amount of changes suffered by the icons of the system, and how many go completely unnoticed by the user unless they are the ones we use every day.

The library is organized by icons and by builds . By default, the page hides the versions that did not see changes in the icons, and organizes those that were received in different “waves”, such as the builds prior to the great update in November, or those prior to the Anniversary Update. All icons can be downloaded in PNG or ICO format.

No doubt a “pleasure” for those who enjoy all the design inconsistencies between the different types of icons that plague the corners of Windows 10. Some have been changed dozens of times and others are still the same as they used in Windows Vista.

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