Five good foods to snack between hours in a healthy way

As we have seen in previous occasions, the feeding is one of the fundamental pillars in the obtaining of strong and well defined muscles. Maintaining a healthy diet and adequate to our needs is something that we are all pending. But often times between meals are a danger in full order. So in this post we want to give some tips to fill those holes in the healthiest way.

5 meals a day is something we have talked about many times. This means that the nutritional contribution will be constant, thus avoiding hunger. Normally when it appears our body does not usually order the foods richer in glucose, which give us more calories and are much less nutritious. This type of food causes us to increase our glucose levels and we tend to accumulate fat in the body if we do not burn that excess glucose fast. Explained in this way seems simple, but to avoid this we want to highlight some suitable foods to avoid starvation between hours with a high load of nutrients and few empty calories.

Fruit, a good appetizer

Fruit is often a resource widely used by many people. It is true that if we turn to fruits with low glycemic load we will be giving the body few calories. Among this group are apples, pears, citrus, pineapple, melon, watermelon … But we will not be giving all the necessary nutrients to the body, since although the fruit provides us with minerals, water and carbohydrates, it only gives us proteins. It’s a good choice, but not the best of them all.

Nuts to Kill Hunger

The nuts are another alternative to stave off hunger between meals. But in this case the same thing happens with the fruit. Not all varieties or preparations are the most suitable. We will highlight the nuts and the raw almonds as the best to chop between hours. This is because they are the ones that contain less fat and less caloric intake. They are an important source of high quality proteins, minerals, essential fatty acids, vitamins … A complete food, but with care, that is, we can not ingest large amounts between hours. With a small handful it is more than enough and always raw, never salted or fried or toasted.

Chicken or turkey breast for protein

The chicken breast is another food that we can take into account when itching time between healthy hours. It is true that this resource will greatly increase protein intake, but for a sports diet is a very good option. The reason for this is that the chicken breast or turkey contains very few calories and almost no fat. To this we must add that the proteins that it brings us are of high quality and easily assimilated by the organism. For this reason we prefer a snack of these characteristics is a good option.

Tuna or mackerel, source of omega-3

Another source of protein suitable for snacking may be tuna or mackerel. Both are two types of blue fish, as well as salmon. Eating it about twice a week between hours can be a good alternative to kill hunger in a healthy way. Especially if we carry a high protein diet due to our sporting activity. To this we have to add the important amounts that will offer us this food of essential fatty acids like omega-3.

Pickles to Kill Hunger

Pickles such as pickles, chives and even olives are a good alternative to kill hunger between hours. First of all we must bear in mind that they are foods of vegetable origin, so the caloric intake will be low, and what to say of the fat. In the case of olives is higher, but do not forget that we will provide essential fatty acids that the body needs to function properly. To this must be added the effect of the vinegar that they accompany, and is that it will help us to improve digestion, as it will encourage the production of gastric acids.

It is important that whenever we are hungry between hours we have this present, because it is necessary that we leave aside the empty calories and that we decant for foods rich in nutrients necessary for the correct functioning of our body. It is necessary to leave aside fast solutions that are usually the most caloric and less appetite.

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