Chakrasana or the posture of the Yoga wheel, learn to do it step by step

If we talk about investment asanas, Chakrasana or the wheel (also known as urdhva dhanura or bow-up pose) is one of the most recurrent in Yoga sessions. Surely at school they once asked you to make the bridge, or at least you tried it on your own; for it is exactly the position we adopt in the asana of the wheel of Yoga.

As an investment asana, the wheel helps us activate our endocrine system and improve the functioning of our hormones. In addition, by involving a back spine extension it also helps us to work the muscles of the back and stretch the rectus abdominis.

We tell you how you can do the posture of the Yoga wheel step by step to get all its benefits.

The technique to perform the posture of the Yoga wheel

We start from lying on your back, with your arms at your sides and your knees bent, bringing your heels towards your buttocks . The legs should be separated approximately the width of the hip or a little more.

From there, we press our feet on the ground. We place the hands at the height of the shoulders, with the fingers of the hands facing the feet, and we exert pressure with the hands on the ground, extending the elbows that should not move towards the sides. We raise our hips towards the ceiling , making a wide extension of the spine, opening our chest and throwing our head back.

We stretch legs and arms as much as possible while keeping the weight of our body distributed between the four supports (both hands and both feet) and the glutes push the hips up.

To get to this position we need to have a good mobility in the shoulders and spine : it is not so much a question of strength in the arms (a problem that many of the people who fail to do so) as of mobility in the shoulder girdle.

To rest after performing the posture of the wheel we can spend a few seconds in balasana or the child’s posture, with the back relaxed.

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