Do you run to lose weight? Avoid these mistakes

Running is one of the most used activities with the goal of losing weight, because it can really be a useful resource when we seek to get rid of the extra pounds. But if you run to lose weight and want to get good results, we recommend avoiding the following errors :

Compensating caloric expenditure by eating

If you have decided to lose weight and for that, the only measure you have taken is to incorporate 60 minutes of daily running, you may probably feel more hungry or more desirous of eating specific foods. And as you run now, you feel “authorized” to eat more or foods with more calories.

Running is not a license to eat more or worse quality, and of course, offsetting the caloric expenditure that the activity produces by eating more sugar-laden foods or increasing portions, it will be a mistake if we want to lose weight.

On the other hand, in order to face the stress that physical exertion can produce, it is advisable to eat healthier than ever before , offering with nutrients and / or food preparations. Therefore, running does not authorize us to eat more or worse quality and if we want to lose weight with health, more than ever we must control what we eat.

Abuse of sports drinks

Isotonic or sports drinks are intended to replenish fluids and electrolytes from the body after intense sweating or prolonged physical exertion.

Their consumption can be very useful after long runs, however, consuming them when we have only run 30 minutes or ingesting them in large quantities can lead to a large intake of sugars and calories.

Therefore, we should not abuse sports drinks and it is advisable to hydrate with water obtaining electrolytes from fruits and / or fresh vegetables for example. In addition, sports drinks are not always necessary.

Do not rest

In the attempt to burn more calories we can make the mistake of not wasting a day and running daily without rest. This can pass us a big bill.

The physical and mental rest is always necessary when we make efforts of the type of running, and even more if we run long distances or train at high intensity, because although we will burn more calories, we can fall into an overtraining that ultimately damages the health and / or Prevent you from continuing assets.

So, if we really want to burn calories and lose weight without neglecting physical shape and health, it is advisable to respect times and rest days that will be key to making the losing weight running process sustainable.

Just run

Running is a very useful activity to burn calories and benefit the cardiorespiratory system, but often is not enough to lose weight.

In addition to physical activity that can help us to lose weight, we must always take care of the level of stress, our diet and other aspects.

But not only that, but even if we take care of diet and rest, only running can lead to injuries by always performing the same activity or over time, lead to stagnation.

Training in the gym on alternate days on the run can be a good way to work muscles, maintain muscle mass, prevent injuries and also, enhance weight loss. Not only is cardio used for weight loss, but working with weights can be very helpful.

You know, if you run to lose weight, avoid these mistakes that many people usually commit and that can hinder weight loss and / or damage health by not attending to all the factors that affect our body or its weight.

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