The different phases of warm-up before starting to train

We know that warming is one of the indispensable parts of the training, which we should not ignore whatever sport we are going to practice. It serves us both to alert our body that we will require an extra effort to minimize the risk of injury.

That’s why a good warm-up must be complete: with it we can begin to mobilize the joints, raise our body temperature in a couple of degrees and improve the circulation of blood (with the nutrients and oxygen it contains) to our muscles. Do you know the different phases of a complete heating?

  • General warming phase : this phase, the first one to be performed, is composed of global exercises through which we increase body temperature and begin to work the cardiorespiratory system. It is the stage that we usually do when we warm up: walking on the treadmill, a few minutes of cycling or elliptical …
  • Specific warming phase: this is the phase that we forget many times, which is formed by more specific movements that help us mobilize the joints that will participate in a concrete way in training and increase blood flow to certain groups Muscles. It can be formed by the same movements that will be part of our routine performed without weight and with a lower range of mobility, or exercises that help us improve the exercise technique that we are going to perform.

Many times, when we are going to perform a weight training in the fitness room, we simply spend a few minutes on the tape and directly afterwards we begin with the series of exercises that we touch each day.

It is important that we remember at least a specific warm-up to mobilize the joints that will be involved in the training and that we take advantage of those first few minutes to improve the technique and to concentrate on the training that lies ahead.

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