The Profession of Nursing, not just a career but a Calling

To become a GREAT Nurse, you need a lot of different personal skills, many that can’t be learned in the classroom but must be inside of you, including, Empathy, Patience, Kindness, Honesty, Compassion and a Genuine Calling in your Heart to help people in pain and suffering. Some skills however, can be learned and to be an all-round Clinically trained Nurse who can step in and support lots of different patients then taking part in some professional Clinical Training Courses led by a company such as could be the solution to you becoming an even more competent Nurse.

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Nursing is often talked about as a passion, a calling, a career not to be taken lightly, long hours, little reward and sometimes putting one’s own life in danger are just a few of the negatives of this elite profession. Nursing is not just a career, it takes dedication, commitment, passion, hours of studying, working shift patterns that see your private life become almost non-existent.

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Over the last two-three years, the Corona Virus has had a massive impact on the nursing profession, it’s no wonder there is now a shortage of young men and women wanting to start out in this truly dedicated field of employment. Many Nurses, Doctors and Consultants put themselves on the front line and in immediate danger from Covid so that they could treat the most poorly of their patients!  What other profession does that daily, you must have a real Calling to become a great nurse!


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