The state of Social Media and the trend for sharing content

Social users are changing their habits as time passes in a natural evolution of social media. Generate content is a high priority, but the tendency to share is gaining more ground every time.

Between 2009 and 2011, the number of people who posted content in blogs fell to 4%, while people using microblogging sites (Twitter and Tumblr, among others) and social networks for this purpose, increased 62% and 40% respectively during the same period.

What are the real and current issues of shared content? Do we know how many people are actually in large social networks? Is the frequency of use? Voltier Digital Media & Plastick made an infographic analyzing precisely this, and is a surprising result and continues to grow every day.

The state of Social Media and the trend for sharing contentThe study shows a flood of shared content. What happens on social networks in just a minute? They get 48 hours of video to YouTube, are made more than 2,000 check-in on Foursquare, climb 3,500 photos to Flickr, more than 500,000 states are updated in Facebook, 1,000 post are posted on Tumblr.

What interests companies: The power of Social Media?

For the avoidance of doubt of what they can offer social media, you should note that 70% of adults who use them tend to make purchases online. In addition, 60% searches for products or learn about a brand on them. A curious thing has happened with Ford, its social media promotion was 200 more effective than advertising in the Super Bowl, with power % having this event in the US and global media level.

Marketing and content marketing continue to grow and many are already reaping the benefits of this strategy. However, we must try to integrate properly in the marketing mix and not as isolated actions.

The content is still king, and the tendency to share is a clear indication of how we should approach online marketing strategies through the media and social networks. The following infographic reveals many more interesting facts in this regard.

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