What you can expect from a Kundalini Yoga class, the Yoga of energy and consciousness

As you know, there are different types of Yoga that we can practice both in gyms, where they have been installed as a class (and most demanded today) as in specialized studies. We have already mentioned on some occasion the importance of finding the type of Yoga that suits us best, as well as an instructor with whom we are comfortable and connect.

The most demanded types of Yoga are Hatha Yoga or Vinyasa Yoga, based on the movement and practice of asanas. However, they are not the only ones: Kundalini Yoga or Yoga of Consciousness gives us another vision of this practice based on the energy and work of our mind and body.

Kundalini Yoga is the oldest type of Yoga that is known and is based on different “paths” of Yoga which in turn are based on ancient texts such as the Yoga Sutra (the foundational texts of Yoga written by the Indian thinker Patañyali in 3rd century BC Its worldwide diffusion occurred in the twentieth century thanks to the yogi Bajhan.

The practice of Kundalini Yoga is based on awakening the energy of our body, which yogis visualize as a snake that nests at the base of the spine and which must ascend through it until reaching the crown area.

In our body energy moves through channels that yogis call “rivers or nadis.” In order for the energy to flow through these channels, different techniques are used, some very characteristic of Kundalini Yoga, such as “breathing of fire” (a very rapid and powerful breathing performed only by the nose and that carries the air to the belly of And others that are common to other types of Yoga, such as asanas or postures, mudras or gestures with hands and fingers or meditation.

During a session of Kundalini Yoga we will perform a work directed both to the body (asanas, bandhas or body contractions) and to the mind (through meditation and mantras, which are words or sounds that are attributed a certain psychological power or spiritual). The use of mantras is very common both at the beginning and end of the class as in the part of meditation.

My experience after a Kundalini Yoga session

The truth is that the first time I entered a session of Kundalini Yoga I was very surprised, since I had not read just about this form of Yoga and did not know very well what I expected. It is a very intense work of breathing, perhaps more intense than in other types of Yoga, which requires a great concentration and good body control.

The part of the “breathing of fire” was the one that cost me the most, since I am not accustomed to perform such a powerful breathing. But I have to say that it is very energetic and that both in the class and when leaving the same the feeling is to feel “with batteries charged”, with much energy and renewed.

The part that most caught my attention but which I least liked was that of the mantras, clearly because, although in Yoga the work of mind and body are indivisible, I was more accustomed to A more physical than mental training.

I recommend that if you are looking for the type of Yoga that best goes with you, give Kundalini a chance, as it may surprise you.

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