In order to get a good definition of muscle, we must keep weight

With the arrival of summer the vast majority of us begin to perform training routines aimed at achieving greater muscle definition. On many occasions we have dealt with this subject, and to this day there are still many doubts about it. So this time we are going to stop in a widespread practice that is to reduce the intensity of training in terms of loads, to increase repetitions and thus to burn more calories.

This practice described above is very common, but we ask ourselves a question and is whether this type of training is really effective in achieving greater muscle definition? That is why we want to stop at this point, since this is not the solution we must adopt, but what we must do is a set of various actions that go through diet, include aerobic exercises, and maintain strength training for Get some toned and fat free muscles.

In order to get a good definition of muscle, we must keep weightIncreased basal metabolism as we increase muscle size

First of all we will remember that the body’s calorie burning has a lot to do with metabolic functioning. Performing bodybuilding exercises will help us increase the size of muscles and thereby get our basal metabolism to increase as well, ie our body will consume more energy while at rest. This is why it is important to keep the muscles in perfect condition and for this we can not neglect their training. Hence it is so important to continue maintaining the training routine in times of definition.

Also, keep in mind that when training the muscles we continue to burn calories. Of course, it is better to save fewer breaks between sets or to alternate each series with exercises like abs for example. What we achieve with this is to increase the intensity of the exercise without neglecting the muscular work. Performing circuits of different alternate exercises is another alternative to increase calorie burning with the strength training routine.

Adapt the diet to define more

Where we should be especially careful is in the diet when what we are looking for is to define. Usually in times of definition we need to be strict with nutrition, that is, we must give the muscles the food they need but with the least fat intake, in addition to avoiding the retention of liquids as much as possible. To do this the ideal is to perform 5 meals in which we always include vegetables, proteins, essential fatty acids … Yes, we must eliminate sweets from the diet, excess carbohydrates … We can help us with infusions like chamomile, horsetail … The ideal is to eat as healthy as possible and if we put ourselves in the hands of a professional better than better, as we will achieve greater control and better results.

Aerobic exercise, another helps to define more

Also very important is the performance of aerobic exercise, as this will achieve a greater metabolic activation and in a shorter time than with increasing muscle mass. So the calorie burning is greater, and the body will be active longer. In this way we will be able to eliminate part of the fat reserves of the organism that it will use in obtaining the energy to carry out the activity. Within our reach, we have an infinite number of aerobic activities among which the race is the queen, but we can make a bicycle, hike, elliptical …

It is true that I have given you a series of basic tips and that there are many other activities like Crossfit that guided and performed correctly is very good for defining and maintaining muscle tone. In spite of everything, the best thing is to make a mixture of all these activities, besides taking care of the diet as much, since most of the errors come from what we take to our mouth.

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