Choosing Furniture That Makes a Statement About Your Personality

The latest trend in new homes and apartments is to make the most of indoor-outdoor living. These could mean floor-to-ceiling sliding doors so your terrace or garden becomes an extension of your living room or open-plan living-dining rooms.
These designs are fabulous for entertaining or for when you have the family around for lunch or a barbecue.

Choosing Furniture That Makes a Statement About Your Personality

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Furniture too is reflecting this building trend with sleek lines and classic but contemporary designs.

The Washington Post, reporting on the 2015 International Contemporary Furniture Fair, said modern comes in many forms. It reported that this year’s trends include retro, minimalist, bold colours and geometric shapes.

So it seems that there is something ‘trending’ to suit most people this year.

Make Your Furniture Say Something About You

The way you design your home says something about you as a person. You have the chance to stamp your personality on your home, whether you like the minimalist look, bold colours, designs from a certain decade such as the 50s or 60s or a mix-and-match look. You could try a different theme for each room.

Whether you live in a chic city apartment, a terraced home in town or a family house, you can find furniture and furnishings to suit your lifestyle.

This also applies to your garden or terrace. The days of being able to get away with a plastic table and chairs are long gone. With the idea of indoor-outdoor living, the move is towards more comfortable chairs and sofas as well as attractive lighting.

The planning of your garden furniture needs careful consideration to make sure that it fits into the space. The Telegraph’s gardening tips for entertaining outdoors include making sure you know where the sun falls at different times of the day. This is particularly useful when deciding where to build a patio or to put the barbecue, for example.

Finding Furniture to Suit Your Budget

Even if you can’t afford contemporary designer furniture but don’t want to buy the same high-street brands as everyone else, you can buy reproduction designer furniture for your house and garden. This gives you the best of both worlds – something contemporary and different at affordable prices.

The Bauhaus movement revolutionised the design and production of furniture at the beginning of the 20th century by bridging the gap between art and industry. The movement led to furniture being mass-produced at sensible prices.

These designs are still very fashionable today, and their sleek, clean lines would look at home in any room of the house.

Finally, think about how the furniture will appear in your house or garden. There are various interior design apps you can download so you can ‘virtually’ place items of furniture in your home to give an idea of whether they look good.  Make sure that the furniture will fit in with your current layout and furnishings like your radiators.  If they break down you could look for someone to help, like Guildford Boiler repair company you will want to get easy access for them.


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