Becoming an eBay Power Seller

It’s true that eBay has created multiple millionaires and allowed many others to become highly profitable ‘power sellers’. So how do you take your basic e-commerce site up to the next level and achieve ‘power’ status? We look at some top tips.

Becoming an eBay Power Seller

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Have the Right Storefront

eBay gives you an easy way to immediately sell online without needing to host your own e-commerce website. You can buy professional eBay store design templates to create the perfect storefront presentation and to allow you to build your seller brand online.

Get Your Images Right

Your product photos are absolutely key to nailing a quality sale. Invest in good lighting, a plain, white and well-lit backdrop and a good camera to allow a high-resolution finish. If you are selling fabrics, iron them first. Make sure you take photos of any flaws so that the customer is aware.

Invest in Your Product Descriptions

Write excellent and accurate product descriptions and have boiler-plate text on hand to communicate your business terms and conditions.

Arrange Business Collection

When you become a power seller, you won’t have time to get down to the post office each day and post your parcels. Instead, spend around £1 daily to arrange a Royal Mail business collection. You can access exactly the same services but without spending time and money travelling every day with your heavy parcels.


Equally, don’t spend time licking stamps – subscribe to SmartStamp and print out your labels and stamps. This is fast and accurate.

Consider Other Forms of Payment

Don’t just allow customers to pay by PayPal – offer other methods such as a personal cheque or postal order or even cash on delivery. You pay a fee for PayPal but no fees for these other methods.

Use the Tools Available

eBay has some great tools available if you spend the time getting to know them. For example, you can use Turbo Lister to create rapid and quality listings with templates.


Get your own domain so that you have the flexibility to sell on eBay and to trade via your own website. Arrange hosting and you can link your domain to the eBay store. This can increase your customer numbers. Find out more from

What strategies will follow to make it to the top in the eBay world?

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