Manual Extraction, Irrigation and Microsuction

When it comes to undergoing a professional Ear wax removal procedure, there’s a highly skilled and dedicated specialist Technician, such as who can skilfully perform either the Manual Procedure, the Irrigation Method or the Microsuction Option.  The first procedure, known as Manual Extraction, involves the use of a long, thin instrument that’s very carefully inserted into the ear so that any excess wax can be quickly and painlessly removed.  The second method is known as the Irrigation technique, this is where a highly-skilled and qualified technician uses warm water to gently wash the offending wax out of the ear canal.  The third option is the Microsuction method, this is the preferred way to remove wax if the patient has narrow ear canals or has had previous ear related issues.

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Ear Wax is a natural occurrence and more often than not it will clear of its own accord, however, there are many occasions when a little expert help is needed. Excess wax can cause a serious lack of hearing, a strange feeling of fullness inside the ear, ringing or whistling and can also lead to a painful infection in serious cases.

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Seeking advice from these consummate professionals is the first step in tackling a fairly common but potentially life altering condition.  If you are experiencing any Ear wax removal difficulties, don’t hesitate to seek advice and a thorough consultation from one of the skilled technicians at this prestigious Clinic.

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