Four essential kitchen design mantras

If you’re looking to redesign your kitchen, you’ll find a world of advice out there. Here is a look at four key ideas to make the heart of your home the best space it can be.

Four essential kitchen design mantras

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1) Interactivity isn’t just for the computer.

A sociable space will always leave you wanting more. Think about how you can ensure you can eat together but also cook together. It might be as easy as having an extra knife for those eager to help. Consider a custom-made centre island with wheels if you have a larger space. Putting felt pads under your butcher block can enable people to help you with chopping wherever they are sitting whilst you get on with the larger task of organising your dinner party! Country Living is one place to find inspiration.

2) Less really is more.

Take stock of your kitchenware. Rarely do you need a full set of knives or pans. Instead, a large pan, a skillet and two medium pans will cover most of the bases. Likewise, pare your knives back to two chef’s knives, a paring knife, and a bread knife; anything more is just extraneous. Don’t forget to make sure that what you do have is really high quality. Well-made knives will last a lifetime.

3) Learn from the professionals.

People who cook for a living generally know a thing or two about layout and ease of use. Think about easy-to-clean finishes and shelves that are open for ease of access. See how amazing this can look. You might not know that restaurant supply stores often have great deals on items like aluminium mixing bowls, so go there and grab a multi-purpose bargain!

4) Think beyond design.

You’ll want to design your space well. Consider using 3d architectural visualisation from a place such as to help you. You should also think about the experiential elements such as music, flowers, and wine. All of these can transform the space from functional to beautiful and will make you more inclined to use it regularly.

Our ideas will ensure the food you make is as nourishing and exciting as possible, whatever the size and style of your home, so take inspiration and know that the world is your kitchen design oyster. Enjoy!

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