Keep your Heating Working for you This Winter

During the winter, it is not unusual for temperatures to get down below zero. Before Christmas we had a big freeze in the UK which saw temperatures struggling to get above zero for over a week. When this happens thoughts tend to turn to staying warm of course, and to keep us warm in our homes, most of us rely on our central heating.

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Making sure that your central heating is in good working order is important especially at this time of the year when it can be a struggle to keep warm if your heating breaks down.

The pipes are an important component of the heating system, and in cold weather they are more vulnerable. Pipes that become too cold can freeze and this doesn’t just mean that your heating won’t work but it could also mean that the pipes become damaged and you then have a costly repair job on your hands.

The pipes are most at risk if they are left too cold and unused – if you are away from home for example and have turned the heating off. The best way to avoid this is to ensure that pipes are properly insulated, and also that the heating itself is left on at a low temperature just to keep it working and above freezing.

Something else that can happen is that you turn the heating off during the summer months and only come to turn it back on again once the temperatures drop – and upon doing this, find that the heating isn’t working. This is why it is important to have a regular boiler service done by a professional like this boiler service Cheltenham based company

This way, any issues that you have will be spotted and repaired before they become a big problem, and you are less likely to end up having no heating when you are in need of it.

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You also should make sure that your radiators are working correctly and that the heat being produced by the boiler is making it to the radiators. Sometimes air gets trapped in the system and when this happens, radiators will not heat up correctly – so this not only makes your heating less effective but also costs you more to run.

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