How to Keep Your Conservatory Warm

A conservatory is a great addition to the home. Without needing the planning permission for a full-blown extension, you can easily gain extra space in your home with a conservatory. It is a room that can be adapted to suit the needs of a changing family – as a playroom, an additional living room, or a dining room, these are just a few uses for a conservatory.

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However, one of the things that people often see as a downside to a conservatory, particularly an older one is the temperature. During the winter months, many people find that their conservatory can be cold. There are usually two reasons for this – the fact that most conservatories are not connected to the central heating (this is something that requires planning permission), and also the fact that so much glass makes it less easy to trap heat in.


However, there are many solutions that will help you to keep your conservatory warm and cosy, even in the depths of the winter. One of the most effective ways that you can trap heat in there is to focus on the glass first of all.  Thermal curtains and blinds are perfect for a conservatory – you can have them made to measure at a specialist company like curtains Tewkesbury based company Laskeys.

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As well as this there are lots of great heating options for a conservatory that don’t need to be connected to the central heating in your home. A popular choice is underfloor heating which is particularly good if you have a hard floor which can feel cold. Another is a Bluetooth electric radiator which come in an array of modern styles.

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