How to save lights at home?

How to save the light is critical for the planet, to preserve our way of life and improve the economy of your home, how to do it.

Learn how to save light is not only an economic but ecological advantage

How to save light and energy in general is becoming a big issue for governments and environmental movements until they clean energy sources are to finally meet the derived oil, in addition to highly polluting and is in crisis every few minutes, regardless of the economic crisis.

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Many people wonder what influences light or electricity in pollution if even electric cars do not pollute. The truth is that it is often forgotten or ignored it to generate electricity huge amounts of oil are appealed. In fact, more important CO2 emissions to the atmosphere from power plants that all of our vehicles.

Saving light appliances

To learn how to save on electricity bills with consuming appliances, we suggest changing your old refrigerator, washer, dryer, etc. one of greater energy efficiency.

To know the appliance of varying efficiency in energy savings, look at the letters and label colors they wear, where its energy capacity is well specified, more or less,.

Interpretation of energy labels for saving light

This saves 70% of light.

The savings are between 70% and 58%.

From 58% to 45% savings.

From 45% to 25% savings in light.

As of 25% to 10% savings.

Between 10% and 0% savings.

From here are those which produce more light output. This is from 0% to 10% saving over spending.

This spends as 10% or 25% more.

In this case spends more than 25%.

In the overall electricity bill is difficult to estimate how corresponds to the use of appliances, but certainly the cost savings is something.

How to save money if you have hired excess power of light

One way you can save a year is enough light euros in case of excess electrical power contracted. In Spain it is between 3.45 and 5.75 kw kw and date of early 2014, the price paid per kw is 35 euros per year, so if you are paying more power than you need, you may be spending that much more.

The invoice must come reflected. If you do not see it, ask your company how much has contracted. How to know how much you need really is simple, add the wattage of all appliances in your home. For example, refrigerator: 400 W + computer: 250 W + washer: 2500 W + TV: 200 W. W = 3.350 Kw are passed dividing by 1000. That is, the power required is 3.35. So if you have hired more Kw, do the math and see that every year a lot of money is saved into light. To request a change of power contact with your company.

Saving light with simple things

To save on electricity bills are a few very simple and inexpensive things like:

Saving light in the house lighting: Use light bulbs. They are more expensive but it is money that pays soon as they consume 80% less and last 8 times. Turn off lights when leaving a room and maximize sunlight.

Saving light in the heating and air conditioning: First, change the apparatus by one of good energy efficiency. Again involves a few extra euros, but in the medium term will see the benefits in your savings. If possible, turning on a fan before the air conditioning as the daylight savings is enormous. Close windows and close blinds in the hottest hours and open them when cool.

Saving light in the kitchen: If you use the cooker hob and low water pressure, get a savings of 50%. Covering pans and also means saving light by 25%. But obviously, the largest electricity savings he is supposed kitchens natural gas or butane. Do not open the oven door, if not essential, or use it in small quantities or defrosting.


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