How to decorate your pots step by step and give a new air to balconies and windows

Spring and summer seem to be the star moments of balconies, terraces and gardens. But autumn is also a great time to enjoy the open spaces of the house. The cold of winter has not yet arrived, the light is still beautiful to see sunset …

So get ready to keep your spaces open after the summer and to fill balconies and windows with this simple DIY that will allow you to give a different touch to your pots, and that can also serve as a leisure alternative until your Children start classes.

How to decorate your pots step by step and give a new air to balconies and windowsTo start, you’ll need to have the material ready. In addition to the pots you want to decorate, you have to have yarn, rubber, pens, scissors, a sponge, a brush and acrylic glaze.

The first step will be to paint the surface of the pot with Bruger’s Acrilic Enamel. You can choose the color you prefer, depending on your tastes or the place in which you go to place the pots instead of having them finished. You should paint the pot both inside and out, having to give a second coat of paint to ensure a correct finish.

Once you have the pots painted, you will have to cut small pieces of sponge with rectangular shape, helping you with scissors.

Then you will have to tie the thread with a piece of sponge on the top of a pen. If you want to use several colors, you will have to repeat this operation as many times as you want to use, since with each of the pens we will apply a different color.

The next step will be to moisten the tip of the sponge in the paint, and paint on the pot making small colored dots on the walls of it.

Let your imagination fly, and repeat this action with the other colors until you leave the flowerpot to your liking. Let the pot dry, and plant whatever you want in it before taking it out to the garden, balcony or window. If the pot carries a dish, you can paint it in another different color for that contrast.

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