How to Ensure that your Home is Suitable for a New Puppy

If you have decided that now is the time to invite a new four-legged member of the family into your home then you will have a lot of things to think about – puppy training classes, insurance and which vets you will use.

But something that is really crucial is getting your home ready for your new arrival and puppy proofing the house to make sure that both you and the puppy can be as relaxed as possible.

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In a typical household there are many things that can be hazardous to a puppy. Something that you should take care to look out for in particular are electrical wires. Because puppies like to chew these could be a danger so make sure that there are no wires that the puppy can access.

Think about flooring and furnishings too – if you are a very houseproud person you may want to reconsider a puppy as they can be a little destructive when they are young. Flooring such as laminate wood flooring is a much better choice than carpet, as it is easier to clean and to begin with your puppy will have a few toilet accidents as it is learning the rules of the house.

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Something else to be aware of are household plants and things like cleaning products that can poison a puppy if they are chewed on. Make sure that you do not have any plants that could harm your puppy within reach and keep all cleaning products safely stashed away in a locked cupboard at all times.

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