Is brise soleil effective?

Brise soleil, meaning “sun breaker” in French, is a unique architectural feature designed to reduce heat gain in buildings by deflecting sunlight. Originally inspired by ancient civilisations, this concept highlights how smart design can achieve sustainable architecture, even before modern technology.

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A Brief History of Brise Soleil

The origins of brise soleil can be traced back to ancient societies that used simple architectural techniques to protect against the harsh sun. This method of shading has evolved over time, becoming an integral part of sustainable architecture around the world. From the sun-drenched landscapes of the Mediterranean, the Middle East and Africa, brise soleil has made its way into modern design, proving its effectiveness and adaptability.

Today, brise soleil is widely used in both commercial and residential buildings to enhance energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Read more about the history here.

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Seasonal Benefits

Brise soleil offers intelligent control of solar light and heat throughout the year. During the summer, it blocks intense sunlight, keeping indoor spaces cooler and reducing the need for air conditioning. In the winter, when the sun is lower in the sky, it allows warm sunlight to enter, naturally heating the interior spaces.

This dual functionality acts as a natural thermostat and lighting system, providing comfort and efficiency based on seasonal changes. To find out more about the benefits of brise soleil, visit a specialist such as

Types of Brise Soleil

There are several types of brise soleil, each designed to meet specific needs and enhance the building’s functionality and aesthetic.

Horizontal Brise Soleil

Ideal for south-facing facades, horizontal louvres block the high-angle summer sun while allowing the low-angle winter sun to penetrate, ensuring year-round comfort and natural light.

Vertical Brise Soleil

Best suited for east and west-facing facades, vertical louvres effectively block the lower-angle sunlight in the mornings and afternoons, reducing glare and heat gain.

Eggcrate Brise Soleil

This design combines horizontal and vertical elements to offer comprehensive shading, managing light and heat from multiple angles. It is particularly effective in regions with varying sun angles and can be customised to fit different architectural styles.

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