Taking Care of Your Engineered Wood Flooring   

Engineered wood flooring is a great option if you want the look and feel of real wooden floors, but also want your floors to be able to stand up better to daily life and the wear and tear that comes with it!

You can get engineered wood flooring from a specialist flooring supplier like Irwin Tiles, and you will also need to get a professional to fit it for you.

Caring for your floor in the right way is essential – this way you will get the best value for money, keeping your flooring looking good for a long time and ensuring that it remains in good condition.

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Cleaning the floor is something that will need to be done every so often, and the right materials and tools are required to keep your flooring well cared for.

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First of all, the floor should be either vacuumed or swept on a daily basis. You should always do this before you begin to clean the floor to remove any debris and dust.

When it comes to cleaning, you must always be careful of the cleaning products that you use, as you do not want to use something that damages the wood. Don’t use anything that is too harsh – check the labels on cleaning products, as they will tell you what flooring it can be used on, as well as what not to use it from – if in doubt, always check this.

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