Top Tips for Staging an Outdoor Event

If you’ve been tasked with organising an outdoor event, no matter how big or small, you might be feeling like it’s a daunting prospect. Here are some quick tips for making any event a success:

  1. Make everyone aware

Whether it’s a festival, a charity event or a show, you’ll need exhibitors, acts, speakers as well as lots of visitors. This means clever and targeted marketing that needs to be started early on in the planning process. This includes radio, TV, billboards, social media and any other form of media outreach that the budget allows for.

  1. Strong brand image

A brand needs to be instantly recognisable to provide that strong visual image that ties in with the brand’s marketing campaign.

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  1. Target audience

When it comes to setting the date, time and venue for your event, knowing your target audience is essential. Try to draw up an ideal audience profile that can be referred back to at moments of decision making. Things to think about include where people will travel from, demographics, expected number, profession, expected level of spend and whether people will know each other or not.

  1. The right people

Event managers, technical directors and qualified crew are just some of the people involved in making an outdoor event a success. These are also the professionals who will ensure that health and safety regulations are met, the correct equipment is on site and timeframes are kept. Don’t overlook these aspects as these are the ones who ensure the event goes off without a hitch.

  1. The right licences

Certain events will require a licence. There are numerous different ones available and which one you need depends on the type of event being held. These include a Premises licence, Personal Alcohol licence, Street Trading licence, Charity Collection licence or Temporary Event Notice.

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  1. Insurance

Public liability insurance is a must. Insurers must be made aware of all possible activities that might take place during the event. All exhibitors, contractors and caterers must also have their own insurance too.

  1. Power

Of course, all music, catering vans, exhibitions and just about everything will need access to electricity. The size of your event will determine how much power will be required, but generators are essential for outdoor events. For Generator Rental, visit a site like

  1. Noise

The amount and control of noise coming from PA systems comes under Environmental Protection legislation. At the planning stage, it’s a good idea to appoint a noise monitoring officer who is responsible for making regular checks at the perimeter of the event. It’s also wise to notify local residents of planned activities and ideally start and finish times.


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