Healthy cooking with the new range of Philips products

Philips to welcome the summer with the launch of a full range of kitchen products, Created to allow families to make their homemade recipes in the most comfortable and healthy way. Blenders, juicers, juicers, more than soups or Airfryer are some of the products that demonstrate Philips commitment to healthy food. Thanks to the new Philips products, cooking and eating healthy becomes an easy and simple task.

Healthy cooking with the new range of Philips productsMore than soups

To prepare any of the foods that this cooking product allows (hot or cold soups, with or without pieces, compotes and shakes), all you have to do is add the ingredients, all together, to the jar (1.2 liters capacity), Select the program and let Philips More Soups do the rest. In just 20 minutes, you can enjoy a delicious result, effortlessly and with all the flavor.


It is the perfect tool to reduce excess fat in the diet. Airfryer Philips is a new, healthy and revolutionary fryer for frying food in a fast, simple and healthy way. The secret is its patented technology Airfryer Rapid Air combines fast circulation of hot air with a grill that allows you to prepare delicious recipes with up to 80% less fat. In addition, its integrated air filter system reduces any odor allowing to enjoy, even more, the kitchen.

Blender Advance

The design of blenders Philips allows for up to 10% more juice, in a very comfortable way, with minimum effort and maximum flavor.

Jamie Oliver’s new range of kitchen products for Philips

Philips presents its new range of kitchen products designed by celebrated chef Jamie Oliver for Philips. All designed for healthy eating family, Jamie Oliver proposes four products (blender, mixer glass, food processor and steamed) with which users can make their best recipes.

Jamie Oliver Collection Ham Mixer

As it is a hand mixer, it allows mixing directly in the container, being it a pot or even a deep roasting pan, to prepare the perfect sauce. It incorporates innovative patented technology ProMix, which represents the latest advance in speed and efficiency, to provide only the results of finest cut and uniforms. Its blade has a tough titanium coating, which stays sharpened for much longer.

Jamie Oliver Collection

Jamie Oliver claims that the mixers do not have to be complicated; virtually everything comes down to speed. That is what combines the flavors and brings the soft textures. The new Blender, designed by Jamie Oliver for Philips technology adds ProBlend in May, thanks to its coated titanium blade 5 sheets, prepares smoothies, sauces and masses much faster way.

Robot Jamie Oliver Collection

Jamie Oliver uses this robot kitchen daily. According to the chef says, “This sting like a ninja and allows me to do faster any kitchen task, whether to slice in strips or mixing. It is a quick and ideal for cooking” utensil. Thanks to the robust and powerful engine 1000W and its innovative blade with serrated blade, this food processor allows cut into slices and strips, stir, knead, squeeze and fit almost any ingredient quickly and almost effortlessly.

Steamed Jamie Oliver Collection

Steam cooking is a fantastic way to cook. It maintains all the nutrients of food, and all the juices and flavors of the ingredients are distributed when cooking. This product steam cooking also includes a flavor enhancer that enhances the flavor of foods with delicious aromas of herbs and spices.

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