Why You Need to Replace Old Sealant

Regular bathroom sealants need to be replaced every few years. This not only takes time but also costs money. Applying new sealant over the old one only masks the problem beneath it. It is therefore essential to replace old sealant if it is discoloured or leaking. Read on to learn why you should replace your old sealant. If you’ve already installed new bathroom fittings, then you should replace your old sealant while you’re at it. To remove the old sealant, consider Silicone sealant remover. Visit CT1, a supplier of Silicone sealant remover products.

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You can buy a special tool to remove old sealant. These tools can be bought for just a few pounds. The downside to using such a tool is that you need to be very careful as sharp blades can scratch the surrounding material. Once you’ve got the tools you need, you need to remove it carefully. Peel it off in strips and keep in mind that small pieces of caulk may still remain. If the area is too tight to reach, you may want to use a pair of needle-nose pliers.

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Before applying the new sealant, it is important to remove the old sealant from the tile completely. To remove the old sealant, you need to use a remover product as directed on the packaging. Once the remover solution has dried, you can use a special tool to pierce the existing sealant, making sure not to damage the surface underneath. Then, follow the steps outlined on the packaging.


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