Shower doors, design and opening types

You have I thought acquire a bath screen? Comfort, safety, design, type of opening or dish is some of the elements that you have to look out for when buying this kind of structures.

Erected as a perfect partner to improve your experience in the bathroom, the screens retain the heat in the bath or shower, avoiding splashing water and consequently, slips or similar accidents that can jeopardize your own welfare.

From the functional point of view, the screens provide a greater sense of space thanks to its designs in tempered safety glass. Another of the most important aspects is its design, which will customize the screen according to your preferences and characteristics of the bathroom.

Shower doors, design and opening typesThe crystals shower screens, for example, are made of tempered safety glass, which will shatter in no sharp edges if broken. Among the many different varieties on the market you can find designs completely transparent, patterned or serializations that provide some privacy.

Design and opening types bath screen

One aspect that has to take into account when purchasing the bath screen is the kind of openness features in which you focus your attention on the next lines. In this sense, you’ll find folding screens, ideal for small spaces, because they offer entrance hole and do not cover a supplementary space during opening. As is the case with sliding, this kind of screens is tight. For the same reason will not generate any leakage.

For its part, the sliding fit all kinds of shower trays. In this case, the doors are moved on a guide through bearings can be double or single.

Also, you’ll find the shower doors swing that will leave a whole large amplitude input, with larger than previous models. For such characteristics, folding screens are perfect for people with reduced mobility. However, one of its major drawbacks is that they require more space around. It may be usual water outlet beyond the shower space, despite the closure is complete.

On the other hand, you’ll also find models adjusted to a partial closure in the shower area. Within this area are the screens with fixed panel, designed for shower trays, masonry, mesh, tile or stone floors with rectangular shapes.

In any case, if your bathroom is small in size, it is best to opt for a sliding opening, fixed or folding panel open, since not include extra space, as discussed in previous lines.

As for the closing of the shower you have to keep in mind items such as sinks, bidets and furniture, and its placement within the bathroom.

In companies you will find a wide variety of models, some of which will see depicted in the images incorporated into this article. In addition to screens and shower trays, equipped with sinks, faucets, bathtubs, shower enclosures and columns.

What you usually set when acquiring the screen of your bathroom? How was your experience?

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