Successfully Re-Designing your Garden

Whether you have recently bought a property with a garden that has been a little neglected, or your garden is no longer what you want, it might be time to give your garden a complete overhaul. Before you just rush to the garden centre to pick up new plants and garden furniture, it is a good time now to plan your garden out well and decide how you want it to look…

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A good place to start is by looking through garden magazines and at pictures of gardens. Work out what you do and don’t like. It is also important at this point to consider your lifestyle – what do you want from a garden? How much time can you commit to maintaining it? For example, if you work a busy job during the week, do you really want a high maintenance garden?

Work out what your budget is and what you will need to complete the overall design. Do you want to put in a summerhouse or play equipment for kids? If you are overhauling the garden, will you need to hire large vehicles? If so, look into local companies that can provide this, such as Telstar Grab Lorry Hire Gloucester to get an idea of price and availability.

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Think about the overall layout and accessibility of the garden – is it practical? Does it provide what you want? How can you achieve what you want with the garden you have? Think outside the box, and if you are struggling contact a landscape gardener who will be able to help and make suggestions.

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