The benefits of a flat roof for a garage or extension

Many homeowners consider having some work done on their homes. If they are feeling a little space-constrained, and would like to add an extension on the side of their home, they could have more space. You might have the design, but be unsure what to do with the roof. A flat roofing company can provide installation, as well as a company who supplies Cheltenham house extensions.

More living space is an attractive proposition for today’s homeowners. The cost of moving to a bigger home is often financially unviable for most people due to today’s economy and property market. An extension is a cost effective solution for this lack of family living space. It is easier, cheaper and quicker than the upheaval involved in moving home and these are the reasons why they are such a popular home improvement project.

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Cost is the first thing most people want to find out. A pitched roof can be very expensive. They don’t always look great next to your existing property. It takes a long time to put them together, and you need a specialist roofer or tiler to install them, which inevitably means additional cost.

Flat roofing offers many benefits including lower cost because less material is required in the construction. The versatility is another draw for choosing a flat roof. Homeowners can choose to use the space offered by a flat roof for things like decking for a sun deck or even a garden roof area. This type of roof offers more ways to enjoy your available space which you wouldn’t get with a pitched roof, for example.

You can’t have a completely flat roof because with all the rain we get, that roof would soon turn into a lake, causing potential damage to the interior of your home. It only needs to be a small amount sloped at one end to make it work. A flat roof can also accommodate an exterior door through the wall of a bedroom to create a balcony, for example. Thus, providing you with even more useful space. Contact Bay Tree Homes for Cheltenham House Extensions.

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The flat roof is also cheaper than the pitched roof. They just have to bring it in in nice, horizontal sections and secure it to the ceiling joists. This is really so simple. The membrane will also be improved.

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