Three Ways to Protect your Car from Thieves Whilst at Home

A car is a useful and expensive item and making sure that you keep it safe from thieves is important. When we are at home, many of us feel that our car is safe but in fact this is when we should be at our most alert. Thieves may be watching the movements of cars and getting ideas of when they will be home and what might give them the opportunity to make off with your car. Here are a few ways to make sure that your car is as safe as possible when you are at home…

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If you have a garage this is the safest place to keep your car so do store it in there if possible. However, you should ensure that you garage is secure – if the door is old and damaged for example, it might be time to visit somewhere like this garage doors Bristol based company and get a modern and secure replacement.

One very simple way to make the theft of a car less attractive if you park on the street outside your house is to always park with the wheels turned into the curb. This way, a burglar will find it much more difficult to get away fast in it.

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Don’t leave valuables in the car – even if it is on your driveway or in the garage this can tempt a thief more and visible valuables in the car can mean that even if they don’t take the car itself, they break in and steal the valuables – and also damage the car in the process.

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