Looking after an elderly clients hair during the summer months

Summer is a time to have fun and let your hair down. However, while we love being out in the sunshine, our hair doesn’t. The sun’s heat gradually interferes with the hair’s protective proteins, oxidising the colour and ultimately leaving it looking and feeling dull and brittle. This is particaulrly important as you age and if you are working in Elderly Care London based for https://www.guardiancarers.co.uk/services/elderly-care or a similar company it is worth knowing ways in which you can help keep their hair looking in great condition during the warmer summer months.

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Colour Protect

Possibly the most important thing you can do for your hair in the summer in the summer is wear a hat wherever possible. Look for a tightly woven design with ultraviolet protection factor (UPF). Of course, you won’t want to wear a hat all the time, so look for haircare products with sun protection factor (SPF).

Avoid Chlorine Damage

If you love to swim, you may already have noticed the negative effects of chlorine on your hair, including a greenish discolouration. Before you swim, prepare your hair with some leave-in swim conditioner. Wet the hair with tap water prior to entering the pool to reduce the amount of chlorinated water absorbed, and be sure to thoroughly rinse your hair afterwards. Remove residue with a clarifying shampoo or a mix of cider vinegar and water. If you are sitting by the pool after your swim, put your hair up into a ponytail, as this will ensure only the outermost layer is exposed to the sun.

Minimise Frizz

As with appliances such as dryers and straighteners, the sun can damage your hair and make it particularly vulnerable to moisture in the air. Using a silicone-based serum will help prevent frizziness and moisture absorption. For particularly unruly hair, anti-frizz hairspray can also help. Having a regular trim at the hairdressers can also help to prevent the build up of split ends and can be a great day out for you and the elderly lady that you care for.

Reduce Grease

If you have oily hair, you will find the problem exacerbated in the summer months. Heat encourages the production of additional oil, so the hair can look and feel greasier more quickly. Regular shampooing (once or twice daily) will prevent the build-up of grease. Frequent washing can leave the ends dry and split, however, so be sure to apply a good-quality conditioner to minimise damage. If you don’t fancy washing your hair every day, dry shampoo is a good way to eradicate greasy roots. A small amount of witch hazel applied along the hairline will also dissolve oil effectively.

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