Tips for renovating your period property

If you’re the proud owner of a period property, you need to tread carefully, whether to refresh the décor a little or renovate to increase its value. The wrong type of work or faulty materials could damage the value of your period home. Here are some ideas for updating an old property economically and sensitively:

1) Attic space

One of the best ways for any homeowner to increase the value of their property is to open up available space in the loft. This can be expensive for period properties and will likely require a complex process of planning permission. However, a loft extension is more accessible than other extension types and won’t change the property’s outside appearance much. They can also add up to 20% to the average home value. If you do want a traditional extension, consider a material that will blend in with the heritage of the property. For Oak Extensions, go to

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2) Better bathrooms

An outdated bathroom has a significant effect on a home’s resale value. A modern, clean, and stylish bathroom in a period property is a huge selling point. You don’t have to ignore your home’s history and heritage, though, ultimately. Some reclaimed items have been renovated to look good as new, which will help retain your home’s original charm and character.

3) Restore the rustic

The best thing about period homes is the unique and original features that form your property’s character. Think about restoring features like original fireplaces, doors, and windows. Any items you use should remain appropriate for the age of the house. These unique historical features add considerable value, and buyers will pay more for an older yet renovated property with a great sense of history.

4) Kitchens

The kitchen is the centre of a home and often becomes the centre of family life. Consider renovating the worktops, the oven, and even the sink and taps. Again, such items can be found in reclamation yards, repaired, and upcycled to retain their period qualities. It is worth noting that you don’t need to replace old for new, as this will damage the period feel of your home that is so valuable. You can replace old with upcycled, vintage pieces to retain your home’s unique character.

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5) Decor

For more minor touches, consider refreshing the décor of several rooms. Great vintage pieces to source could include antique mirrors, doorknobs, lanterns, candlestick holders, furniture, and artwork. That way, you can celebrate your property’s heritage but still have items that are new to you and have been lovingly restored to their previous glory.

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