Getting a Cat or Dog When you Retire

When you retire there are lots of things that you can do when you no longer have to work. It might be that you want to travel, or you might want to find a home that you can settle in and provides what you want for your retirement like these Gloucester park homes for sale

Something else that many people do when they have more time available is to get a pet. A pet is a fantastic companion, and if you are not working then now is a great opportunity to have a pet that you can spend time with and you have the time to devote to caring for it.

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Both cats and dogs can be fantastic companions – deciding on which one you want comes down to many things. If you like an active lifestyle and prefer to get out and meet people, then a dog might be the best choice for you. If however, you are more of a homebody who loves nothing more than doing quiet activities and spending time working on hobbies or watching television, then a cat might be the better choice.

Personalities of cats and dogs can vary considerably, and getting the right one to match you and your lifestyle is important. Different breeds tend to have certain traits, so this is a good place to start when you are thinking about what pet is best. For example, some dogs are bred to work and require lots of exercise and stimulation, whereas others are bred as companion breeds and are happier with a short walk and plenty of cuddles!

Cats can also vary a lot based on breed. Some are very intelligent and active – the Siamese and oriental cats can be very busy and high maintenance in this way, and are often likened to dogs for this reason! Persians and ragdolls are at the other end of the scale and tend to have a lower energy level, simply wanting to purr away on your lap. However, do take into account the additional grooming required for the longer haired breeds.

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Another option is to visit a rescue. Rescue centres will have a lot of animals looking for a new home and if you register and tell them a bit about your lifestyle and what you are looking for they will be able to match you with your perfect companion.

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