Three Classic SEO Strategies That Remain Valid

The internet changes very quickly, and it seems as if every day there is a new SEO development or change, as well as a tactic that was once the holy grail being devalued. Once upon a time, meta keywords were absolutely fine – but how the ground has shifted. It can be hard to know which developments are long-term, but here we outline three oldies but goodies that are as relevant now as they once were.

Three Classic SEO Strategies That Remain Valid

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1. Speed Is Everything

Deliberately at number one is page speed. In general, faster means better. Google has even given us a tool to analyse it as well as hints and tips on improvements – if it wasn’t important, they simply wouldn’t bother.

Of course, it’s important, as when users are looking for a site, page loading is one of their main decision parameters, and we know that for when pages load slowly, far fewer sales are achieved.

2. Ensuring Duplication Doesn’t Happen

This might be title tags, content scraping or mobile sites indexed separately, and it happens a lot. Developments mean the engines are improving their skills in identifying duplicate content, but really you want to make it easy for them. Some handy hints: make sure your mobile and desktop sites utilise consistent URLs; use 301 redirects on links you can’t fix; and if you ultimately can’t lose the duplicate content, use a meta tag such as noindex. This might be beyond your expertise – if so, Gloucester SEO agency Digi-tel can help you.

3. Practise Good Structure

This is more than a simple UX issue. If your site is designed with the intention of helping your user get to where they need to, the secondary effect will be that it also aids the search engines in doing so. So minimize links off pages – especially your homepage – and maximize the really important links and use page hierarchy. And if this isn’t your forte or you need professional help, consider the services of an agency such as Digi-tel Gloucester’s SEO agency.

Obviously, it’s important to keep up to speed on the latest SEO developments. But just as important is keeping your basic house in order. Follow these hints and the engines will be helping you drive traffic and business in no time.

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