Planning a great Bar Mitzvah

When a Jewish Boy or Girl reaches the age of thirteen it is a monumental age. It means that they are now full members of the Jewish Community. They are responsible for their own actions, previously it was their parents, and they can start to take the role in certain religious ceremonies and readings of the Torah and Talmud. These are the highest holy books of the Jewish religion so this is a great honour. However, before that, there has to be the Bar, or Bat Mitzvah and it’s a big celebration. Start it off right by sending some Bar Mitzvah Cards to the lucky teenager.  For example, there are plenty available from

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The first thing to do is plan ahead. It’s easy to know when the bar mitzvah is due, it falls on the date of the child’s thirteenth birthday. It can be sometime after the actual day but it’s a good idea to have a venue booked up well before this. Secondly, you need to have a theme to work on. For some, they may want to focus on the more religious aspects. However, the more modern take on the event is that the happenings in the synagogue happen first and then a big party follows.

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This is generally around the theme of a prom or formal gathering. Smart dress is required and for many it will be the first time that they have to wear a suit and tie!

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