The latest preview of Windows 10 improves screenshots, extends Sets, includes more Fluent Design and other new features

In this final stretch of the week Microsoft has released a new preview of Windows 10. It is the Insider Preview Build 17661, corresponding to Redstone 5 , which is coming through the Windows Insiders program to those who are part of the fast ring and those who chose Skip Ahead . Both groups, in the future, will receive the same versions of RS5 as explained from Redmond.

This update of Windows 10 includes an outstanding new screen capture experience with numerous options, a continuation of the experiment known as Sets , novelties in the promising aesthetic line of Fluent Design , improvements in security tools and other small innovations.

The taking of screenshots will improve substantially in the next big update of Windows 10

We take a look at the main protagonists of the next big update of Microsoft after Windows 10 April 2018 Update , with an eye on the impending Microsoft Build 2018 Developer Conference.

Finally a really powerful screen capture tool

The new trimming experience improves the process of screen capture and annotation in it.

From Microsoft they explain that with this update they are taking the first step towards the convergence of their different screen trimming experiences. However, while working on it, there are notable developments. For example, Screen Sketch has become an application .

Originally introduced as a part of the Windows Ink Workspace, now Screen Sketch is independent and can be updated through the application store. Now you can set the size of your window, you can support multiple windows and it will be displayed in the list of open applications when you press Alt + tab.

It serves, as it was useful, to take screenshots and provide options to write or mark them.

Press the Windows key + Shift + S will show a screen clipping bar with different options

Also, this build 17661 of Windows 10 also makes cuts easier and faster . Simply press the Windows key + Shift + S to show a clipping bar (currently that command does not show it) that will take the capture to the clipboard and offer additional options. But there is more, because if you want, through a notification that appears after the cut is made you can go directly to the Screen Sketch application in which to write down the image and share it.

In addition to all this, we can enable options that make capture even faster. The most striking, without a doubt, is the one that allows you to configure from Keypad settings a function that allows you to use the Print screen key to start the screen trimming . Faster – and logical – impossible.

Experimentation with Sets continues

During the last few weeks, all users of the Windows Insider program who have opted for Skip Ahead have begun to enjoy Sets, the experiment called to be the future of multitasking in Windows 10.

These smart tabs tested only on some users, not on all, will follow the same controlled study approach. Even now that the fast ring and Skip Ahead are merging again and will receive the same RS5 versions.

Sets continues on as an experiment and extends to more users

This means that not all insiders will see sets, but unlike the controlled experiment in December, from now on the vast majority of the members of the fast ring will see this new feature and a smaller group will not. Those who chose Skip Ahead and had Sets previously will continue to also enjoy this innovation in tests.

More Fluent Design with more acrylic style

The insiders are very familiar with Fluent Design and have already verified the facelift of many of the system’s applications. Recently, the Activity Center and the Start Menu received the acrylic and semitransparent style that they liked so much.

Microsoft is aware of this, says he also likes it a lot (how he would not like it) and with this build they have taken it to the new Task View , the powerful window management interface that matches the application management of the store with the management of classic desktop programs, allowing to switch between them or close them with a single click.

If we update to the new compilation we will find that the background of this viewer shows the soft blur that is so well in the Windows 10 interface.

Other new features of Windows 10 build17661

The rest of the news that incorporates Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17661 is the name change of the Windows Defender Security Center by Windows Security , the improvement of the warnings of threats or situations that deserve the attention of the user, the improvement of the concentration assistant while playing, the continuation of the migration of the sound configuration, the improvement of HEIC support, as well as other minor changes that we can consult in the launch announcement.

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