How to Add a Custom Message to Windows Startup

If you use a PC in your company-owned workplace, you may have seen a legal notice that appears before logging on to Windows. In this article we will show you how you can reproduce this notice on your home PC, with the text you want: from a greeting to a motivational phrase, which ultimately seems to be very fashionable.

We repeat: these messages are often used in business environments, but you can write what you want in them so that your computer shows any text just before logging into your operating system. It is a very easy process, it will take a few minutes and it will give a touch of personality to your computer.

A matter of editing files

First, download this file and unzip it. It has been created by the publishers of How To Geek, so do not be afraid: it is totally safe. It is a small hack of the Windows registry , with which you can place the aforementioned message on your screen.

When you have unzipped the ZIP, you will see that it contains two files : Add legal notice to startupy Remove legal notice from startup. We are interested in the first of them. Right click on it and select the “Edit” option.

You will see two text fields with the text ” Type Your Title Here “. Replace it with one of your choice by keeping the quotes.

When you have done it, save the file and double-click it and you’re done, your message will have been added successfully and will appear just before you log in. When you want to delete it, simply double-click it Remove legal notice from startup to disappear without a trace.

As you can verify is very simple, it does not take time and allows you to customize your PC a little more without putting it at risk. It’s a little trick that all you do is change a registry key without prejudice to your operating system, and then you can leave it as it was at any time.

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