The System Ninja helps you free your Windows from junk files and find duplicates

System Ninja is a SingularLabs tool designed to optimize Windows and help us get rid of all the junk files that accumulate in the system with the use and the passage of time. This program is not unique in its style, but with its latest version have also added the possibility of detecting duplicate files, another advantage for the user.

All things you can do with System Ninja, you can do them manually by going through a lot of options and programs one by one. It is there where these types of applications become useful because from a single place they leave you: eliminate all kinds of unnecessary files that occupy space on your disk, stop processes, uninstall applications, analyze your PC, etc.

This program is free and you can use most of your options without having to pay. They also offer a Pro version that adds things like automatic updates, a portable version, one-click optimization and more. The download file just and passes the 5 MB, is a lightweight and easy to use app and is available in Spanish.

It has four sections: the Trash Scanner to find all the trash that is on your PC, whether temporary files, Internet history, browser and folder cache, incompatible files, etc. You also have “System Tools” where you will find tool to manage programs that start with Windows, you can uninstall apps, manage processes, find duplicate files and download additional plugins.

In “PC Analysis” you will find detailed information about all the hardware of your computer and the operating system. And, from the options menu you can add exceptions to ignore some files or choose specific folders to be scanned when the program is used.

I am the one who prefers for this type of tasks, the super known CCleaner, but, it is not too much to know alternatives that at first sight look as good as this. Especially for that new option to find duplicates, very useful for those who have very large disks and many years using the same operating system.

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