A guide to demolishing a property

When you have succeeded in your quest for the perfect piece of land for your dream home, you may find that the plot had been developed previously.

This is known as ‘knock-down’: land occupied by the existing structure which for one reason or another, it is not feasible to recover or expand and fit only for demolition and replacement. For Demolition Bristol, visit a site like https://www.davidhortoncontractors.co.uk/demolition/

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Perhaps the current structure is not the right size or shape. It is also more attractive to demolish and rebuild as new residence benefits from 0% VAT while renovations and expansions are usually rated at 20%

Do I need Planning Permission to demolish?

Planning permission is not normally required for destruction of which is classified as permitted development. Restrictions by local authorities can apply for listed buildings or in a Conservation Areas. In this case, any demolition will require planning permission. You will also need a special permit if the building is registered, or in a Conservation Area.

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Do I need Planning Permission for a Replacement Dwelling?

Planning policies usually allow a replacement residence, even in the open countryside, providing the building has not been abandoned.

The legal definition for abandoned is not defined entirely, so it is always best to get permission to change the structures before demolition. Policies regarding replacement dwellings do vary across the country and in many areas there are restrictions on the scale of magnification, and positioning with regard to existing homes.

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