How Safe are your Electrics at Home?

Electricity is a huge part of our lives. We use it constantly throughout the day and don’t give it much thought. However, electricity can be lethal and is the cause of over 70 deaths each year, according to latest statistics carried out by the government. In addition to this, over 20,000 fires are set ablaze in UK homes each year due to an electrical accident. In our modern day homes, it isn’t unusual to find multiple electrical appliances including hairdryers, televisions, kettles, computers, games consoles, microwaves and even electric cookers etc. Due to the sheer volume of electrical goods in our homes, the risk of associated accidents is extremely high.

How Safe are your Electrics at Home

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So, what can you do as a homeowner to ensure your home and all those residing in it, are kept safe and sound from harm?

ALWAYS Hire a Professional

When it comes to electrical installation work around the house, it is crucial that the work is ONLY carried out by experienced, qualified and competent people. Whilst you may be tempted to give it a go, you cannot guarantee the safety of the installation work you have just carried out. Ultimately, you will be putting the lives of yourself and others around you in danger.

Instead, seek professional help from an All Electrical Control Components Ireland company such as the Osmelectrical electrical control components supplier. The company has over 50 years working with all kinds of electrical installations up and down the country. You can depend on them to ensure that all of your electrical installations and supplies are in top working condition.

What Age is your Wiring?

If the wiring in your home is really old, there is an increased chance of electrical fires starting as a result. To ensure the performance of these wires, it is important to have regular maintenance checks carried out to assess the condition of your wiring. You may also want to have someone examine the switches, sockets and cables to ensure the safety of your electrical supplies. Damaged plugs and sockets etc. can cause not only fires, but also severe burns and electric shocks. This is especially worrying for families with young children, so don’t take any chances.

Common Household Electrical Mistakes

There are some obvious and yet common mistakes that many of us make on a daily basis. Knowing when to pinpoint these hazards may be all it takes to save a life. Some of the most common examples include leaving unused appliances plugged into the socket whilst you attempt maintenance on them. Always unplug the electrical device beforehand.

Another regular mistake that is a huge fire hazard is leaving wet clothes on an electric heater. The water from the fabric can drip onto live electric parts of the appliance, causing a fire or an electric shock. You should also never drill holes in a wall without being aware about what lies behind them. There could be electrical cables or gas pipes etc. that you could damage and also expose yourself to.

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