Choose the Right Colours for a Doctors Waiting Room

Running a doctor’s surgery is hard work. There is so much to think about, from making sure that all the equipment used by the doctors is well stocked up, to staff payroll, to making sure that you have the right locum insurance from it can get very busy with so much to think about.

One thing that you really do want to get right is the waiting room. For patients, this is usually the first impression they will have of the surgery, and many people attending a doctor’s surgery will be feeling nervous or worried. So, when it comes to the waiting room you want to help people to relax and be as calm as possible.

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Choosing colours is one of the most important things when it comes to a waiting room at a medical facility. Choose calm colours, such as blues and greens. Sticking to the lighter end will help make the place seem calm, serene and bright. Try to avoid the darker more statement colours as they tend to convey more dramatic feelings which are best avoided in a doctor’s surgery!

If you want to keep the walls a cool crisp white this is also fine, but try to inject a bit of colour to add some warmth to the place, otherwise you run the risk of it looking too cold and clinical – whereas you want it to feel a warm and caring place. Cushions and furnishings are a good way to add a bit of colour.

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You can also add wall décor such as relaxing scenes like beaches and woodlands – places that normally inspire calm. Also, playing some soft relaxing music in the waiting room will also help.

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