The Benefits of Ultrasonic Cleaning

Never heard of ultrasonic cleaning? You’re not alone but amazingly, ultrasonic cleaners have been improving industrial cleaning efficiency for almost seven decades. Over time, this method of cleaning has greatly improved, becoming more powerful and efficient. The industry continues to evolve, and more businesses than ever are discovering the advantages of this type of cleaning technology and enjoying the many benefits.

Industrial cleaners that use ultrasonic technology work by using high frequency sound waves to quickly remove contaminants from surfaces like glass, metals, plastics, rubber and ceramics. The advantages of using this system include less power consumption and the ability to remove contaminants without hard scrubbing.

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An ultrasonic cleaner can get rid of minute amounts of contamination, even when hidden deep inside cracks, crevices and stuck tight to solid surfaces. This provides ease as parts generally do not need to be disassembled before cleaning, saving time and effort. Ultrasonic methods work well on removing things like bacteria, fungus, carbon, fingerprints, rust, oil, mould, soot, wax, lime scale, grease, algae and soil.

How does an ultrasonic cleaner work?

When the machine is in operation, a soft solvent is mixed with water in a chamber. Strong chemicals are not used as this would cause the solution to become too abrasive. The parts to be cleaned are submerged into a special mix of cleaning solvents to give just the right amount of friction but still be gentle and effective. The cleaner works quickly to remove any contamination. A transducer does the majority of the work by changing the electrical energy into ultrasonic energy. The high frequency sound waves that are produced affect the liquid in a process called cavitation where bubbles are formed. When the cavities collapse, they give off shock waves that are surprisingly powerful, up to 20 kHz and it is these that stick to and pull away dirt from the objects submerged in the cleaning compartment. For investing in a Large Ultrasonic Cleaner, visit

What are the benefits?

The great thing about ultrasonic cleaners is that they can tailored to meet an individual’s needs. They can be designed in different ways to clean a wide range of different parts, whether those parts are tiny or massive. The solution that’s used in the tank is proven to give a thorough yet gentle cleaning job on any kind of object. The tanks can be made in different sizes and dimensions depending on need, most commonly coming in a rectangular shape and made out of stainless steel.

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A further benefit of ultrasonic cleaners is that they offer long-term cost savings. They can clean multiple items much faster and more efficiently, which is useful for business operations such as medical facilities, restaurants and manufacturing industries. The cleaners are fully automated, with only one person required to load and unload the unit. The methods of use are simple to learn, and many parts can be cleaned in one go, up to 20 parts in one clean.


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