More easy ways to keep your home tidy and organised

Keeping your house in order can be exhausting and time-consuming. Here are some simple yet effective ways to get on top of the cleaning and free up your time.

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Make your kitchen sparkle

Make the most of the mornings and ensure the dishwasher is empty first thing. Grab a new dish towel as these need to be regularly washed to keep germs at bay. Don’t put off what you could do right away, so tackle spills or rubbish as you spot them and clean as you cook, rinsing plates and loading the dishwasher as you go. Wipe down surfaces and set the dishwasher at night so you’ll wake up to a cleaner kitchen and less stress each morning.

A survey conducted by Mintel and reported at indicates that kitchens are the most frequently cleaned areas of the home, while we spend around five hours each week on average in Britain tidying our homes. That’s a lot of cleaning, so staying on top of it each day is the best way to save yourself time and stress in the long run.

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Love your living room

Make the most of those boring television adverts and do a quick clean-up, tidying away clutter, plumping sofa cushions and wiping down tables. If you find various bits and pieces tend to be left lying around, give them a temporary home in a basket and sort them when you return home each evening. Consider laminate flooring from a reputable laminate flooring supplier as this is a more convenient and hygienic option than carpet cleaning.

An inviting entryway and hallway

Ensure shoes are removed when you get through the door to prevent treading mud and leaves into the house. Laminate flooring in the hallway will also make sweeping easier, while a shoe rack will keep footwear organised.

Give yourself a head start in the mornings by keeping keys, coats and bags together in a handy area in the hallway so you can grab them and go in a hurry. New mail can go into a holder until it’s ready to be dealt with, and you’ll be less likely to misplace bits of paper. Any dirty clothes you bring home or sweaty workout gear should be sorted into the laundry straight away.

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